Watch: Hilarious clip of crowd rushing towards food at wedding

Crowd marches towards wedding food as the waiters open the lids. — Unsplash/@Reubx

A hilarious video of a huge crowd marching towards wedding food as the waiters open the lids has amused internet users. 

In the video, an old man seems to be the most enthusiastic one as he could be seen leading the marathon, hurrying towards the first item on the buffet.

The video got millions of likes with the comment section full of laughter emojis.

Users tagged their friends and family relating to the experience.

A user commented: “wedding goals.”

“I thought there was a sandstorm,” a user joked.

Another jestingly said: “I wonder for how long they haven’t had any food.”

Many users pointed out that the video was from Pakistan. The origin of the footage, however, was not clear.

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