Meghan Markle pal says she is not ‘threat’ to Queen, ‘drama’ loving media is

Meghan Markle pal says she is not ‘threat’ to Queen, ‘drama’ loving media is

Meghan Markle aide, royal expert Omid Scobie, says the Queen deserves appreciation for her work ahead of Platinum Jubilee celebrations instead of gossip from tabloids.

In this op-ed “The Queen deserves better for her Jubilee than obsessing over family drama” was published online on Tuesday. 

In the writing, Scobie questions why royals and their balcony appearance at the Trooping the Colour scene is creating a ‘fuss’ especially when Prince Charles earlier decided to limit the number of members in 2012 for the monarch’s Golden Jubilee.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are not invited by the Queen for the momentous occasion. 

He wrote: “[S]ources say Prince Andrew was eager to stand by his mother during such a poignant and sympathetic scene.

“Instead, the appropriate image being presented on June 2 is a line-up of part-time and full-time working family members who are all responsible for continuing the Queen’s legacy beyond her reign. Makes sense to me.”

He added that omission of Harry and Meghan from the balcony line-up has let tabloids mock the couple portraying that the duo has been  “dramatically cut… would have probably felt believable”

Scobie revealed that it was the Duke and the Duchess themselves who did not want to appear on the balcony.

He concluded: “Members of the royal family are certainly no strangers to drama created by themselves.

“But, right now, the biggest threat to the jubilee isn’t coming from within the Windsors or House Montecito, it’s the sections of media hellbent on joyriding the focus towards soap opera-style drama and embellished tales.

“Whether you are a royalist or not, Her Majesty deserves better than this.”

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