Bid to supply dead chickens foiled in Peshawar | The Express Tribune


The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety Authority, while conducting an operation on Charsadda Road in Peshawar, recovered several dead chickens from poultry shops. The chickens were then destroyed by the authority.

According to the Food Safety Authority, about 4,500 dead chickens were recovered from the shops. The chickens were being supplied to the market after being slaughtered while they were already dead.

The authority further stated that the slaughtered chickens were to be supplied to different parts of the city.

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During the operation, three shops were sealed and four people were arrested. Dead chickens were destroyed on the spot.

Authorities said further investigations are to be launched into the matter and that strict legal action will be taken against those involved.

Recently, poultry prices have risen across the country and chicken has become out of reach for regular citizens. In the twin cities, chicken price in the open market has increased from Rs250 per kg to Rs580 per kg.

A few days before Eid, the price of live bird was between Rs240 to Rs250, and the price of chicken meat was Rs380 to Rs400.

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