Man who cut village’s electricity to meet girlfriend gets caught

A technician works on a double 400.000 high voltage power line during the installation of spacers on new electrical pylons named Equilibre in Courcelles-les-Lens, near Douai, France, November 18, 2020.—Reuters 
  • Man cuts power to secretly meet girlfriend.
  • Villagers catch couple red-handed.
  • Villagers decide to get couple married.

In a bizarre instance, an electrician from Bihar, India, cut down the town’s electricity to meet his girlfriend in the dark, The Tribune reported.

Some people of Ganeshpur village in eastern Bihar’s Purnia district caught the man red-handed.  

The villagers had been observing power outages for two to three hours every day at the same time in the evening.

The residents felt something was wrong as their neighbouring villages were not facing the issue. After investigating the matter, they were shocked to find out that the man was cutting power to meet his love interest.

The villagers planned to catch the suspect in the act. After the power went out, they reach the government school where the couple was caught together.

Eyewitnesses said that the man was beaten up and paraded through the streets as a penalty. Later, however, he was married to his girlfriend.

“The man was married to the girl in the presence of the Sarpanch and other village council members,” villager Marar Ram Murmu said.

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