Watch: Fishermen narrowly escape death after being hit by waves of Cyclone Asani

Fishermen narrowly escape death by waves of Cyclone Asani.—Screengrab via Twitter/@ANI

Fishermen in India’s Odisha narrowly escaped death after getting hit by the aggressive sea waves caused by Cyclone Asani.

A video shows that the men were on the vessel as the powerful waves hit and flipped it. Fortunately, they swam safely to the shore.

The cyclone is taking over the north coastal region of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. 

In the video, the men can be seen reaching the shore but losing their balance suddenly as strong waves continue to hit them.

ANI said that the men were trapped in the sea waves at Aryapalli near Chatrapur in the Ganjam district.

Due to these winds, flight operations have also been suspended at Visakhapatnam airport.

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