Prince Harry, Meghan Markle warned of ‘lifelong battle’ after ditching royals

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might be facing a ‘lifelong battle’ with lawsuits, with royal experts claiming that its all because of them going public with their battles instead being private like the Queen.

According to expert Amber Meville-Brown, Prince Harry’s pursuit of numerous legal battles in recent years, the latest being a libel claim against the Mail on Sunday publishers Associated Newspapers, is quite the opposite tactic to that of Queen Elizabeth who has always shied away from battling it out in public.

Meville-Brown told Newsweek: “Meghan and Harry are engaged in what will inevitably be a life-long battle with the British tabloid.”

“… They will not be strangers to scrutiny, criticism and at times serious accusations; and if they complain, explain and bring suit each time scrutiny and serious accusations are sent their way, they will find themselves very busy,” she continued.

The royal expert also added: “For the Royal Family, the beauty of the ‘never complain, never explain’ philosophy is consistency. It’s a mantra for all seasons, a response for all eventualities, making unequivocally clear in the face of damaging accusations, gossip or rumour that no explanation or engagement will be forthcoming.”

“By departing from that strategy Prince Harry has put himself in the position where he has to, or at least feels he has to complain about accusations and explain himself, where otherwise silence and a shrug of the regal shoulders would have been offered,” conclude Meville-Brown. 

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