Meghan Markle ‘money-spinning’ hopes from axed show Pearl revealed

Meghan Markle had high hopes for animated show Pearl- before it got slated by Netflix.

Royal expert Neil Sean notes that the show could be a “huge money-spinner” for Meghan’s fortune.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean claimed: “Meghan had big plans for Pearl going from the likes of duvet covers with the logo on, colouring books, pens, you name it.

“This could have been a huge money-spinner if handled correctly.

“It’s not necessarily her fault whatever people think, things just turn around and TV companies decide they don’t want to spend anymore.

“For Harry and Meghan, this has been a huge loss because they had hoped it would become a returning revenue.

“While people are saying the Netflix deal is just a small crumb in their big empire, the bigger picture could have been a lot more lucrative in the long term.”

Meghan was the executive producer of the show. Pearl is about a 10-year-old girl who sets on various adventures to meet famous personalities who left mark on the history of the world.

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